Post-Baby Bulge – Is It Just Excess Abdominal Fat?

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As a mom-to-be, you may be prepared for your child’s birth. You may be ready to deal with all the sleepless nights, the midnight feedings, and the ‘haven’t showered in a week’ phase.

After all, you are given 9 months to prepare mentally for these changes. However, you will never be quite prepared with the changes that happen after childbirth.

There are some lucky moms who bounce back effortlessly after their transition, but it isn’t the most common scenario.

Pregnancy and breast feeding brings changes like you never imagined; yet the tummy bulges can also signify something else.

Excess Abdominal Fat Removal – Is Surgery the Only Solution?

We are programmed by media and our social groups (to some extent) to view tummy bulges in the abdominal area as unsightly and something that must go away.

Sometimes even a little bit of exercise and portion control is enough for that excess fat to disappear. Other times, it’s difficult to achieve your ideal body, even after hours of hitting the gym and crash diets (that are extremely damaging for you as a new mom, and your infant)!

Does this mean you are stuck with excess abdominal fat forever?

No. You might not be able to lose your post-baby body tummy bulges through exercise and strict dieting alone. Sometimes the real issue is something else entirely!

The Curious Case of Diastasis Recti – What Is It?

Your post-pregnancy bulges aren’t a result of stubborn excess abdominal fat that remains after childbirth. M

ore likely than not, it’s the result of damage to your abdominal muscles during pregnancy or childbirth. This is very different from simple baby weight. 

How Does It Happen?

Abdominal muscles can get damaged or torn as a result of a difficult pregnancy or childbirth. It also happens if you have had more than one child or a large baby. However, this is a common condition 98% of women face after delivering a child.    

“Diastasis recti or split abdominal recti is when the belly sticks out because of widened space between the left and right belly muscles. This is often called a pooch in non-medical terms. It can happen to any women giving birth or even during pregnancy.”

In standard cases, the vaginal muscle opening shrinks after giving birth. However, studies show this muscle wasn’t back to normal even a year later after giving birth due to diastasis recti.

There isn’t any way of knowing whether you have split abdominal recti or mere excess fat. In any case, book a consultation with La Jolla’s expert plastic surgeon, Dr. Sadrian. The doctor specializes in tummy tuck surgery which may be the recommended plan of action for this condition.


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