Neck Lift Surgery – Everything You Need To Know

neck lift

Do you notice your chin first thing when looking in a mirror?

Does your chin make a double appearance on your face?

Doesn’t this bother you in the slightest especially when you aren’t chubby or fat?

A double chin makes a face look less appealing. It’s a fact of life most people agree upon yet there is something even more frustrating than a double chin. People may think you are fat even if you aren’t at all!

Our Looks Contribute To Our Confidence

We do feel better about ourselves and everyday life, when content with our overall appearance. An evenly proportionate face provides a boost to our self-esteem and confidence just as being overweight is demoralizing.

However, not all people who have a double chin are overweight. Some people have slight fat on their neck, targeted mainly at the chin area. This gives the appearance of a double chin which can be rectified through plastic surgery.

Neck Lift Surgery – When, Who, What, and How

There is another class of people who prefer this surgical and safe cosmetic procedure. The effects of aging can make the skin of your neck particularly delicate and vulnerable. Lax skin on the neck causes deep creases and folds to form. Neck cording is also another issue.

This roll of sagging skin is known as ‘platysmal bands’ which can stretch from jaw and chin all the way to bottom of the neck. Another dreaded issue is called the turkey wattle neck, primarily caused by fatty excess tissues in the area.

A neck lift cosmetic procedure can fix these issues and make your face look slim and more youthful. Here is what to expect with the procedure:

The Incision – Types of Neck Lift Surgery

There are two common neck lift choices offered by many certified San Diego plastic surgeons. You can choose the right one for yourself after deciding how much you’d like to see! There are:

  • Traditional Neck Lift

This cosmetic procedure will begin at the hairline (at the sideburn level); continue down and around the ear, and ending in the posterior hair.

Fat is often sculpted or redistributed from the jowls and neck. In addition, underlying tissue is repositioned and platysma muscle is tightened.

Excess skin will be trimmed away after re-draping over uplifted contours. Often the surgeon will make a separate incision under the chin (for liposuction and muscle repair). Incisions are closes with the help of sutures or skin adhesives.

  • Limited Incision Neck Lift

This type of neck lift procedure doesn’t involve a limited number of incisions as the name implies. Your cosmetic surgeon may place shorter incisions around the ear only. However, results from this procedure are limited.

Both men and women can opt for this safe facial cosmetic procedure, in any age. However, consult with Dr. Sadrian to decide which type of neck lift will be better suited for you.



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