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You have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a plastic surgeon . As a patient, I’d want to know as much about my surgeon as possible, so it’s appropriate to share my philosophy with you and how it directly affects my practice.

Based on what my patients have shared with me over the years, trust has been one of the main reasons they have chosen me – they trust my skills and judgment as a surgeon and my sensibilities and compassion as a human being. I am patient-focused, with patient education as a central component. My manner is down to earth, easy-going and calm. I spend time with my patients, making sure they understand their options and that their questions are answered and their concerns are fully addressed.

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My goal is to provide you nothing but the best. I am committed to providing you excellent care with integrity, honesty and confidentiality.

- Dr. Sadrian

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At this point in my career, surgery is second nature to me. Fully trained in both Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, as well as Oral and Maxillofacial surgery, I have diligently trained for over 16 years at arguably some of the best and most challenging programs in order to be able to provide the full breadth of cosmetic services. I truly love what I do.

But surgery is a serious business. I don’t take anything for granted and it is my job to minimize potential complications while maximizing the results. All treatment plans are individually designed for each patient. There is no one right or wrong way.

The consultation is never a pressure situation. I’ve been blessed with a successful practice and don’t need to force or put pressure on patients. I don’t feel obligated to “push” a certain procedure or eliminate any options because of a lack of skill or knowledge. My training has been paramount and I have “paid my dues” in order to be able to offer the full extent of cosmetic procedures, but I will recommend only what is appropriate for each specific patient based on my professional opinion as well as your desires.

My personal aesthetic sensibility is that a good aesthetic cosmetic surgery result is a result that looks natural, not “done.” Your procedure should make you look and feel better. The way we do that is to ensure your procedure enhances your natural features, creating greater symmetry and harmony. It is what you desire, not what I want. I always delight in the patient who says that their friends say, “You look fantastic!,” but that they can’t quite put their finger on why. Beauty is in the details.

We utilize many approaches to together come up with what may be the best options for your goals. We use special sizing procedures, computer imaging, and other techniques to help both of us understand your goals and the approach to better realizing those goals.

Some patients may not be ready for, or even need surgery but would benefit greatly from skin care and/or other non-ablative or more minimally invasive procedures that optimize benefits while greatly minimizing downtime. For many patients this approach buys time and even delays the need for surgery. I will openly discuss these options with you and again, I won’t encourage you to undergo a procedure you don’t want or need.

I’m proud of my team. Their compassion and professionalism, combined with excellent communication skills, cannot be underestimated in the success of my practice. It’s extremely important to me to maintain a positive and fun–yet professional–atmosphere in the office. I believe we have achieved that goal, as exemplified by the consistently positive comments we receive from our patients.

My staff guides you through the entire process from start to finish, including all your follow up appointments. After your consultation, you will meet with my patient coordinator who discusses the proposed operative plan decided by you. She does all surgical scheduling, as well as discusses pricing and payment options to give you an exact price quote before you leave our office.

If you choose to go forward, the next step is an educational session with my nurse. During this preoperative appointment, we go over the planned procedures, review your health, go over all to do’s and not to do’s, both prior to and after your surgery, we will give you all your instructions, prescriptions, etc. and provide you with a personalized booklet of information so you will be prepared before your procedure, as well as for when you go home to recover. I believe that the more you are prepared ahead of time, the better and smoother your recovery will be.

Overnight facilities are available and an overnight stay is usually recommended with the longer or more complicated surgeries, in order to maximize safety and convenience. Some of my patients who fly in from other cities often elect to stay at such facilities during their recovery phase. Some patients also choose this option for privacy reasons or in cases where they may not have a caretaker at home. The facilities will pick you up after your surgery and bring you back for your follow up appointment the next day, which is very convenient for patients and their families.

Following your procedure, you have access to me or one of my physician colleagues day or night. If there are any questions or issues, you can reach me directly through the operator. If there is any issue, I would feel much more comfortable for both of us to talk for a few minutes and both sleep better at night rather you worry that you are going to “bother” me. I have a responsibility to make sure you do well in your after care as well. I see you multiple times following your surgery as we gradually increase the follow up interval. Most of my breast surgery patients I continue to see on a yearly basis for follow up. My door is always open – my goal is to develop a lifetime relationship, secure in the knowledge that you are enjoying the results of the procedure(s) you chose to have.

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