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Reduce Your Double-Chin
With Kybella

Kybella® is the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment to improve the appearance of moderate to severe fat beneath the chin by physically destroying fat cells. If you’re bothered by a double chin, or submental fullness, then you’re not alone. According to a 2015 survey conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, 67% of people said they are bothered by the fat beneath their chin. Submental fullness impacts both men and women and can be caused by genetics, weight gain, and aging. Even with diet and exercise, the fullness may not go away and it can make you appear heavier or older than you really are. Fortunately, Kybella can help.

How Does Kybella Work?

Kybella is a non-surgical procedure with little to no downtime. Kybella is given during your visit in our La Jolla Plastic Surgery office. The injection process may take 15-20 minutes per treatment session. When injected into the beneath your chin, Kybella destroys the fat cells. Once destroyed, those cells cannot store or accumulate fat. The active ingredient in Kybella is deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. The fat cleared from the treatment area is processed thought your body’s natural metabolism.

Kybella La Jolla

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Double Board Certified San Diego plastic surgeon, Dr. Reza Sadrian, and his expert staff of trained nurses will reveal your own Kybella profile based on the amount and distribution of your submental fat and your own goals. Up to 6 treatments may be administered, spaced no less than 1 month apart. However, some patients are completely satisfied after only 3 treatments. In clinical studies, 79% of people treated with Kybella had improved satisfaction with the appearance of the area beneath their chin (compared with 34% of people treated with placebo) 12 weeks after last treatment.

Kybella La Jolla


For most patients, downtime occurs most commonly after the first treatment session. You are likely to have swelling, so keep that in mind when scheduling around social and work commitments, however, you should be able resume your normal daily activities. It is recommended to avoid heavy cardio and exercise for up to 24 hours after treatment as it can cause bruising. During your visit, our caring nurses will advise you on the do’s and don’ts for before and after your treatment sessions.


Yes. Liposuction is the surgical option for fat removal anywhere on the body, including under the chin. Brochures with more information are available in our La Jolla Plastic Surgery Center. Please call (858) 457-1111 for a complimentary consultation to get started on your Kybella journey!

The decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure is extremely personal. If you are considering an enhancement, you want to be confident that your results will appear fresh and natural – and like you. Dr. Sadrian is among the finest plastic surgeons practicing in the San Diego area and has achieved acclaim for consistently achieving natural-looking results. Schedule an appointment to learn more.


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