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For many women, the breasts are an important focal point of their feminine physique. Unfortunately, once they hit puberty, not all women experience the usual full, round development of their breasts. As this begins to become more obvious in the way the breasts have grown or are growing, the situation may indicate tuberous breasts. Dr. Sadrian, a board-certified plastic surgeon, provides tuberous breast correction in San Diego at his private practice.

What are Tuberous Breasts?

Tuberous breasts are pointy, lack volume or have disproportionate nipples. The breasts are under-developed and tube-shaped instead of the usual full teardrop shape. But be aware that if your breasts are small or a bit pointy, this isn’t necessarily a sign of tuberous breasts. Tuberous breasts are a genetic condition. The breasts have a smaller base that can cause each breast to look long or unusually shaped, and prominent, enlarged areolas.

This genetic condition can cause a wide and sometimes severe variety of effects on breast shape and symmetry. As the breasts are maturing during puberty, a fibrous band of breast tissue grows at the base. It is this band of tissue that results in the misshapen, tube-like breasts.

The visual effect can be a significant cosmetic concern for women. Other issues may also arise, such as clothes not fitting well, confidence issues or the inability to breastfeed. If the fibrous tissue of tuberous breasts causes a lack of milk gland development, women may not be able to produce enough milk for breastfeeding.

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Candidates for Tuberous Breast Correction

Good candidates for Dr. Sadrian's tuberous breast correction in San Diego meet the following criteria:

  • are nonsmokers in good health
  • desire more naturally-shaped breasts
  • have realistic expectations for results
  • have breasts that have stopped growing (may be as young as 16)

Candidates may have one or all of these characteristics:

  • enlarged or puffy areolas
  • limited amounts of breast tissue, especially at the base of the breasts
  • an unusually wide amount of space between the breasts
  • misshapen, pointy or asymmetrical appearance

Why Choose Dr. Sadrian for Tuberous Breast Correction Surgery?

Tuberous breast correction is an important procedure for women, often with life-changing results. You will want a top surgeon with understanding and experience.

Dr. Sadrian is an acclaimed surgeon who is certified in two different medical specialties – which is quite rare. His experience, artistry, and commitment to his patients is one of the most important aspects of his practice. He never rushes a procedure, and always works to produce the most positive result possible, using advanced surgical techniques performed with meticulous care and attention to detail so you get the best possible results for your tuberous breast correction.

If you are interested in tuberous breast correction in the San Diego area, call for a consultation to begin your journey to resolve your tuberous breasts and gain the full, round breasts you desire.

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