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If you are looking for a dermal filler specifically to increase the volume and fullness in your face, we may have just the thing for you — Juvederm Voluma XC. Like some of the other dermal fillers we use here at Sadrian Plastic Surgery, Juvederm Voluma XC is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler, manufactured by the same company that makes the more well-known filler Juvederm. Juvederm Voluma XC is one of the newest dermal fillers, having been FDA-approved in December of 2013. While like most dermal fillers, it is approved for correcting moderate to severe lines and wrinkles, there is an important difference with Voluma — it is the first and only dermal filler that is FDA-approved to correct age-related volume loss in the midface. And the results last not months, but years — up to two years, on average.

firmness and volume

Loss of volume in the face can come from many things, including age and weight fluctuation. The midface area comprises three places, all in the cheeks: the apex, which is the highest point of your cheek, near your under eye area; the apple, which is the center of the cheek, nearer your nose; and the hollow, the area under your cheekbones and nearest your mouth. All of these areas are subject to a loss of firmness and volume, and many people have been searching for a way to correct that. It hasn’t been an easy problem to correct or improve without surgery, which is why the approval and use of Juvederm Voluma XC is so important. And with clinical studies showing results that last up to two years, we are very excited about being able to offer this particular dermal filler to our patients.

Close up of a woman's face about to receive an injectable

natural look and feel

Other benefits with Juvederm Voluma XC include a very natural look and feel, and very little pain upon injection due to the depth at which Juvederm Voluma XC can be injected — deep enough that there are few nerve endings at the injection site. Also, there are very few side effects with Juvederm Voluma XC. Minor reported effects include the basics of most dermal fillers, such as mild pain and tenderness at the injection site, possible minor bruising or itching, and some redness. Side effects tend to resolve themselves within a few days of treatment. And with results lasting two years, repeated treatments are a long way from your first. If you are concerned about loss of volume and firmness in the midface, call our office today to ask about Juvederm Voluma XC in San Diego and La Jolla, or any of our other facial fillers and injectable treatments. We can set up a consultation appointment so talk about what you are looking to correct and how we can help find the solution.

The decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure is extremely personal. If you are considering an enhancement, you want to be confident that your results will appear fresh and natural – and like you. Dr. Sadrian is among the finest plastic surgeons practicing in the San Diego area and has achieved acclaim for consistently achieving natural-looking results. Schedule an appointment to learn more.


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