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Over time, people age naturally. As this unavoidable process unfolds, certain parts of the body tend to show the effects. One of the areas that often displays the natural effects of aging is the under portion of the upper arm, where the triceps sits. This saggy, loose look is a problem that many people work tirelessly to correct through exercise, but to no avail.

Fortunately, there is a cosmetic option for correcting this problem – known as the arm lift procedure. Below you’ll find information regarding the nature of the arm lift, how it’s performed, the benefits that patients can expect and finally how you should proceed if you or someone you know is interested in undergoing an arm lift in the La Jolla area.

About The Arm Lift

The arm lift is a procedure that attacks the under portion of the upper arm, which tends to show the effects of aging by serving as a gathering place for loose skin, worn out tissue and other substances that are overt signs that the aging process is moving forward. Even with relentless exercise, this loose skin and tissue tends to remain in place as it has lost its elasticity and simply hangs from the back of the triceps area.

The arm lift is a procedure that corrects this problem. Incisions are made that allow arm lift professionals to remove the excess skin, fat and other tissue that’s gathered in the area.

The arm is then reshaped and contoured so that a natural look and feel of the area remains and the aging process in that area has, in a sense, been reversed.

During this procedure, any of a few different possible incisions are made – either along the back of the arm or around the arm pit if the surgeon is taking a minimalist approach. Doctors enter the area of the body through the incision and the fatty tissue is removed. This removal is accomplished many times by using the same liposuction technique that’s performed on other size reduction procedures.

Potential Benefits of an Arm Lift

If the procedure goes as planned, the patient will see instant results in the way of a thinner, sleek arm without the extra tissue. The stitches that remain from the incision are generally healed and/or removed within one to two weeks of the surgery itself, and patients can expect these benefits to remain for the long-term provided they live a reasonably healthy lifestyle.

If you would like to learn more about how this procedure can work for you, we welcome you to contact Dr. Sadrian today to schedule an initial consultation.

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