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Restylane Silk

A full, sumptuous pout

One of the first things others will notice about you is your lips. A full, sumptuous pout is one of the most alluring facial features one can possess. Thin or those beginning to show the signs of age can add years to your appearance. A single treatment from Dr. Sadrian can change all of that, adding cushiony volume to your lips and smoothing the lines around your mouth.

What is Restylane Silk?

Restylane Silk is the latest FDA-approved injectable filler from the Restylane family. These hyaluronic acid-based injectable dermal fillers can add volume and fullness to your lips, providing you with an enviable mouth that no longer needs the assistance of lipstick to get noticed.

Restylane Silk Treatments  La Jolla

How does it Work?

Restylane Silk is a hyaluronic acid based dermal filler which has been approved specifically to provide:

  • Volume and fullness to the lips
  • Smoother skin in the area surrounding the lips

Hyaluronic acid is one of the building blocks of your skin. It attracts moisture from the skin, as well as the surrounding environment, providing a plumpness to the treatment area. It also contains lidocaine, allowing treatment to be administered while you remain comfortable and relaxed.

Restylane Silk Treatments  La Jolla

What Should I Expect During Treatment with Restylane Silk?

A topical numbing cream will be applied to the treatment area to allow you to be completely comfortable during treatment. The, Dr. Sadrian will administer a series of carefully placed injections in your lips, adding volume to your lips that is both natural and alluring. You may also choose to have injections around the mouth to eliminate fine lines that have formed around the edges of your lips.

Why Should I Choose Sadrian Plastic Surgery?

The art of using injectable dermal fillers is one that requires training and care. Dr. Reza Sadrian has the experience and expertise to ensure that your experience with Restylane Silk is one that you will not come to regret. His calm, courteous demeanor will allow you to immediately feel at ease allowing him to provide the loveliest results.

Restylane Silk Treatments  La Jolla

The decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure is extremely personal. If you are considering an enhancement, you want to be confident that your results will appear fresh and natural – and like you. Dr. Sadrian is among the finest plastic surgeons practicing in the San Diego area and has achieved acclaim for consistently achieving natural-looking results. Schedule an appointment to learn more.


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