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Had a Safe Mommy Makeover Procedure? Ensure A Quick Recovery

Are you a mother who doesn’t even have time to brush her teeth until much later in the morning, let alone recover from plastic surgery? You aren’t alone. A lot of mothers feel the same way. Yet getting back their

Breast Uplift Or Breast Enhancement? Test Out Your Breast Sagginess

Are your breasts out of proportion? Do you look in the mirror and see saggy mounds of flesh, with nipples protruding in an awkward position?

Turning Back Time With Facial Cosmetic Procedures


They say with age comes wisdom… but we often forget the other signs of aging – the wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. Some of us experience these signs even earlier than warranted due to a number of reasons. Whatever

Surgery For a Better Nose: Is Rhinoplasty Right For You?


Cosmetic surgery seems like the forbidden fruit for many Americans due to their limited health insurance. Yet in many instances, cosmetic procedures are required other than for corrective reasons. You must have looked in the mirror and often thought “If

Liposuction Addresses These Areas Of The Body


Plastic surgery is gaining a lot of attention in today’s society compared to just a few years ago. People save up for years to undergo cosmetic procedures for their body’s enhancement! What’s more important is feeling good about their body,

Is a Thigh Lift Right For You?

thigh lift

Many of us have tried all sorts of exercises and diets in hopes of perfecting the thigh gap only to be frustrated and disappointed. Thankfully, there’s another way to get the results you want. In this issue, we’ll talk about

Perfecting Your Face With Nose Sculpting Surgery – What You Need To Know

nose job

Beauty is subjective; defined by your eyes, cheek bones, eyebrows—and nose. The position and placement of the nose plays an important role when it comes to defining beauty as a focal point of your face. Yet some people would change

Why Millennials Are Leading the Boom in Plastic Surgery for Men

millennial men

Plastic surgery procedures continue to enjoy increasing popularity year after year. But a new report from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) tells us that its millennial men who are leading the current surge among procedures

Getting a Brow Lift – What You Need To Know First

brow lift

The first signs of aging always come first on the face. Wrinkles, fine lines, saggy jowls and chin, frown lines and indentations signify old age. You might have also noticed your eyebrows changing their shape as each year passes. What

Find Out How Laser Hair Removal Works

laser hair removal

We read and hear about numerous options for replacing hair that’s lost but what about those of us wanting to get rid of hair growth in unwanted places? In this issue, we’ll talk about laser hair removal.

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