Buttock Lift in San Diego

When someone ages naturally, different parts of the body tend to display the effects of this process.


For centuries, people had no choice but to accept what was happening and to simply move on without any possibility of fighting back. However, times have changed in recent years, and new procedures have become possible to allow people to defy the aging process and to regain the look they desire.

One of the new procedures is the buttock lift. Below, you’ll find information regarding what a buttock lift is, how it’s done, the results someone can expect and, finally ,how you can move towards a new look by working with one of the San Diego buttock lift specialists at the Sadrian Plastic Surgery Center.

The Buttock Lift Described:

One of the areas of the body that naturally tends to show the effects of aging is the buttocks. Over time, anyone’s buttocks can begin to droop, lose its natural shape and become a host for extra skin, fat and other materials that damage the look that people aspire to have or to maintain. Until recently, there was nothing that could reasonably be done to reverse this natural effect.

However, medical science has advanced to the point where the buttocks can now be altered safely so that the process of aging and the look that results can be reversed quickly. There is now more than one process available to achieve this goal, and the approach taken depends on the nature of the patient. However, the results should be similar regardless of how a reshaping of the buttocks is done.

How a Buttock Lift is Performed

The buttock lift is a relatively new procedure, and as of now there are two techniques that are generally accepted. A brief description of each appears below:

  1. Skin removal – Over time, the buttocks can accumulate extra layers of skin as part of the aging process. One technique to obtain a new look for the buttocks is to remove this excess skin and tissue that forms in this area of the body and to reshape the area to provide a more natural, supple look.
  2. The Brazilian buttock lift – Another technique involves what is known in cosmetic surgery circles as the Brazilian buttock lift. This technique involves injections of fatty tissue or even implants to round out a flat buttocks area and to provide that curved and natural look.

The Potential Results of a San Diego Buttock Lift

If the procedure, whichever one is chosen, goes as planned, the patient can expect about a week of recovery time. This usually involves the avoidance of sitting and other basic steps to promote fast healing. When the recovery period is complete, the process should display immediate results. However, there are likely steps that need to be taken in order to avoid a relapse of the condition, but those steps are generally basic and easy to follow.

If you are tired of working endlessly to provide your buttocks with a new look and would like some help in accomplishing this goal, all you need to do is contact the team of San Diego buttock lift experts at the Sadrian Plastic Surgery Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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