Liposuction in San Diego

When people think of cosmetic surgery, there are a few different procedures that tend to come to mind.

One of the first is almost always a technique or techniques that involve the removal and/or reduction of fat from somewhere on the body. One of the most popular approaches to addressing this issue is known as liposuction.

Below you’ll find information regarding the general approach to liposuction, the different and emerging techniques, the potential benefits for the liposuction patient and finally, how you can find out what liposuction can do for you from a San Diego liposuction specialist.

Liposuction is basically, when defined in the most general terms, a process that removes unwanted fat cells from the body. As we age, the natural aging process tends to lead to changes in the metabolism and other internal processes such that fat cells gather in certain places. Given the changes brought about by aging, these fat cells can remain even if the person engages in regular physical activity. It is in these situations where liposuction can provide a patient with an enormous benefit.

As stated above, there are new and emerging techniques in regards to performing this procedure that have only served to make a process that was already relatively safe even more free of risk. A few examples of these techniques include:

  • Ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty (UAL)
  • Super-wet
  • Laser lipoplasty
  • Suction assisted lipectomy (SAL)

While the actual process of removing the fat cells is distinct with each of the examples provided above, the general approach is similar. The patient is generally prepared by having a solution rubbed into the area where the fat will be removed. If necessary, a topical anesthetic is also administered to minimize any pain that the patient feels.

When the preparation is complete, the doctors will enter the area where the fat cells need to be removed by moving through a very small incision and activating the technology in place to suck out, eliminate or remove the fat cells. The recovery time from such a procedure is generally short, and the patient can resume his or her normal routine within a period of a few weeks.

If you would like to get rid of that last 10 – 15 pounds of fat that no amount of diet or exercise seems to remove, contact one of the San Diego liposuction specialists at the Sadrian Plastic Surgery Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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