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Custom ear surgery performed by Dr. Sadrian can resolve a wide range of aesthetic problems, including:

  • Protruding ears
  • Shell-like ear structure
  • Unusually large ears
  • Unusually large earlobes
  • Repair damaged earlobes (torn, gauged)
  • Repair unevenly-shaped ears (asymmetrical)
  • Repair ears damaged by trauma

How Does Ear Surgery Work?

Every ear surgery is a custom procedure to resolve the unique problems for the individual patient. The first step is to evaluate ear shape and condition to craft a surgical plan to create an aesthetic look, with the ears balanced and attractively sized, shaped, and positioned against the head. The surgery is performed under intravenous sedation for your comfort. Incisions are placed to restructure ear shape, which often requires removing some cartilage, so the ear lies flat against the head. Internal sutures are placed to ensure the new shape is secure, and the area bandaged.

Recovery from Ear Surgery

After surgery, it is normal to feel some discomfort, and pain medication will be prescribed. Your ears may feel itchy, a body reaction associated with healing. Never touch the incisions or remove bandages, as this could damage the newly-restructured ear. You will have a follow-up appointment the next day, and the bandages replaced with a soft headband which you must wear continuously during healing. You should be feeling well enough to return to work or school in about one week. By the second week you should feel completely comfortable revealing your newly reshaped ears.

Why Choose Sadrian Cosmetic Surgery in La Jolla?

Dr. Sadrian is recognized as being among the finest plastic surgeons practicing in the La Jolla area, respected for his surgical skills and artistry in facial plastic surgery. His private clinic provides a superior patient experience and is focused on quality patient care in ear surgery and other face, breast, and body enhancements.

At What Age Can Ear Surgery Be Performed?

If your child is being teased about his or her ears, it is a source of embarrassment, leading to a lack of self-confidence. Many parents choose to have this problem resolved surgically to help their child lead a happier, more confident life. To be ready for surgery, the ears must have reached a specific stage of growth, typically by about age five or six. If you have concerns about your child’s future and are interested in exploring ear surgery, you are invited to meet with Dr. Sadrian, and have your child’s ear structure evaluated in person.

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