Liposuction vs. Fat – Does It Come Back After This Procedure?

Is liposuction a permanent weight loss solution? You may have wondered about this, while sweating on the treadmill and ignoring sugar cravings.

Will the fat be completely removed, never to come back and haunt you again?

The short answer is – it depends.


Among the many concerns cosmetic surgery patients have, having fat that doesn’t go away, despite months of exercise and dieting is one of the most common.

Localized fat, i.e. areas of fat around the thighs, lower back and stomach, are not only difficult to remove but sometimes requires more than just exercise and diet control.

This is where liposuction comes in—a cosmetic procedure that removes pockets of stubborn fat from troublesome areas of the body. It has become one of the most popular fat reduction procedures, performed by top surgeons in the country. And with good reason!

Liposuction is a safe and effective fat reduction solution that helps refine and contour our body. But is this procedure permanent? Will fat return after surgery? You must know how the procedure works to find that out.

Liposuction – How It Works

This fat removal procedure literally removes fat from the body with the help of a small vacuum-like device. Additionally, the fat suctioned off during liposuction is truly gone forever, unless patient goes back to unhealthy eating habits.

Maintaining liposuction results requires following certain preventative measures against future weight gain.

This means you must prioritize healthy habits after undergoing liposuction to maintain your look for long-term.

Maintain Your Newly Fat-free Body – Tips to Follow Post-Liposuction Procedure

Thinking you won’t have to exercise after this procedure is a mistake. Fat accumulates if there’s no exercise or controlled eating to maintain it!

You must continue your diet and exercise program if you had one prior to the procedure. Remember, healthy eating will help maintain your weight better, along with regular exercise.

Try and follow below points:

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water offers many benefits. It will keep you hydrated, reduce hunger pangs, and flush harmful toxins from your body.

Include a Healthy Diet with Exercise

It’s obvious why this point is an essential requisite. Healthy eating will actually make your body stronger and ensure you look your absolute best every time. Moreover, there are super-foods like kale and other greens that promote good health.

A well balanced diet contains carbohydrates, protein, a little good fat, minerals and other essentials! Melt away the consumed calories with regular exercise that also helps boost metabolism.

Make your way towards a slimmer, beautiful and healthy body by consulting Dr. Reza Sadrian, renowned plastic surgery in San Diego, about fat reduction cosmetic options.

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