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Juvéderm Volbella is one of the latest cosmetic fillers in the Juvéderm line. It is noted for its ability to plump lips and smooth lines around the mouth for up to a year (many competing brands last only 4 to 6 months). Women with thin lips can now make them fuller and increase the aesthetic effect more lip area gives them for lipstick and gloss.

How Does It Work?

Juvéderm Volbella uses a special cross-link technology to stabilize and connect two forms of hyaluronic acid. As a result, this gel forms a greater, moldable connection once injected and it lifts the skin above it, minimizing existing wrinkles and increasing lip volume. Your thin lips become normalized and normal lips become fashionably fuller.

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What Should I Expect?

If you are seeking treatment due to thin lips, you may require about three injections to restore fullness. Injection pain is minimal and there are several numbing procedures to remove most of the discomfort. Most patients who have any discomfort at all find it completely manageable.

The procedure is short, often lasting less than 20 minutes. Treatment time depends on how much of an area is being treated. Over the next few days you may experience a feeling of your lips being bloated or a bit sensitive as your body adjusts to its new fullness. This is normal and goes away completely.

What’s My Next Step?

Call us for a free consultation. Our experienced and compassionate staff will ensure you are well prepared for your consultation with Dr. Sadrian as he guides you to your best options for lovelier lips and a smoother mouth. You might be amazed at how big a difference such a quick and non-invasive treatment can produce. Patients remark that putting on lipstick has a whole new effect for them!

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