First Surgery
Mastopexy / Augmentation.

Before Surgery
Size 32DD

After Surgery
Lifted 32DD

Mentor 371cc, smooth round silicone implants. Placed underneath muscle with lift incision.

Second Surgery
Six Months Later: Face/Neck Lift, Quad Bleph, Browlift and Peri-Oral TCA Peel.

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For information regarding any of the above procedures including mastopexy, breast augmentation and more please click here.

Laurie’s Story

Hello my name is Laurie and I was in my early 50’s when I decided it was time to do something for myself! I have two grown daughters and I own my own company so I wanted to time my surgery with a slow time in my business. I have always been very athletic, outdoors oriented and love the sun. Unfortunately, all of these activities took a toll on my skin. My main reason for doing cosmetic surgery was to look less tired and more youthful. I decided I was at the right age to do something.

When I first consulted with Dr. Sadrian, I felt an immediate connection with him and was impressed with his background and credentials. He thought I was a good candidate for both procedures. I feel very blessed that I found a great doctor, a very nice staff and would do it all over again. I love when men younger than me now take a second look. I have a pick-up in my step since having my surgery.

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Through the years, Sadrian Plastic Surgery has built ongoing relationships with many of our cosmetic plastic surgery patients.

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