Procedure Details

Breast Augmentation, Crescent Lift Right Side

Before Surgery
Medium B Cup

After Surgery
Full C Cup

Mentor 450cc, smooth, round silicone gel. Placed underneath muscle with peri-areolar incision.

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Traci’s Story

Hello! I’m Traci Wilkerson, a First Grade teacher from Texas and previous winner on Deal or No Deal! All of my life I had to contend with jokes about my bust size, and contemplated breast augmentation since high school. After seeing myself on TV, I realized that I would have looked more attractive with a larger bust and it was now the time to do something about it! I received a referral from my friend who is a doctor, and found out why! Dr. Sadrian and everyone on his staff are absolutely wonderful! Everyone was very friendly, honest and only wanted what was in my best interest!

Since surgery, I have never felt better and realized that I made one of the best decisions of my life! I have gained more confidence and have the ability to look great in everything, which is so important to me! I will definitely continue to see Dr. Sadrian for any ‘help’ I may need in the future! Thank y’all for making my experience so wonderful!

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