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Patient Testimonials: Donia, Sadrian Plastic Surgery

Surgery: Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck

Before Surgery: Small B Cup

After Surgery: Small D Cup

Implants: Mentor 350cc, smooth, round profile silicone gel. Placed underneath muscle with peri-areolar incision.

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Donia’s StoryHi my name is Donia, I have three beautiful children and a tea cup Yorky. I love to relax on the weekends by taking a cruise on my motorcycle or riding my horses. I love the outdoors and spending time on the beach. After having three children my body was not the same and it made me feel embarrassed to wear certain clothing and bathing suits. This was hard for me since I love the beach and outdoor activities.

After my surgery I felt like the true person I was hiding and felt set free. I could wear what I wanted and feel great about it. Picking out bathing suits was a joy not a chore. When you feel good about yourself you show it without even knowing it. My family and friends say I am happier, more confident and most of all I feel like I did before my kids, even better. I would recommend having surgery with Dr. Sadrian in a heartbeat. 100%.

Patient Testimonials: Donia, Sadrian Plastic Surgery

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