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Patient Testimonials: Magda, Sadrian Plastic Surgery

Surgery: Breast Augmentation, Crescent Lift Right Side

Before Surgery: Medium B Cup

After Surgery: Full C Cup

Implants: Mentor 300cc, smooth, round silicone gel. Placed underneath muscle with peri-areolar incision.

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My name is Magda; I was in my mid-twenties with a small child who kept me very busy when I decided to have my surgery with Dr. Sadrian. I am a licensed medical esthetician, I love my job and I know it is important to look good. I believe if you look great you will feel just as wonderful.

Since having my son I have wanted to have a breast augmentation and finally found the right time to do the procedure. I had waited long enough to feel like a complete, sexy woman. The difference of how I feel in my clothes compared to before is unbelievable. Now I’m a 34C and loving shopping for all the fun tops out there! And as far as Dr. Sadrian, I wouldn’t go to anyone else and his staff is so warm and caring.

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Sadrian M.D.

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