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One of the areas on the human body that tends to display the natural effects of aging over time is the neck.


A person with a neck that features extra and loose skin along with wrinkles and other unshapely problems presented by muscle tissue and other causes has historically been difficult to overcome. Thankfully for many, advances in the world of cosmetic surgery have made these problems correctable.

One of the leading techniques used to deal with these developments in the neck area is known as the neck lift procedure. Below you’ll find information regarding how this procedure is done, the benefits that a patient who undergoes a successful surgery can expect and finally how you should proceed if you’d like to obtain more information from a San Diego neck lift specialist.

The Neck Lift – A Brief Description

The neck lift is a surgical technique that’s meant to reverse and/or remove the outward, visual effects of the aging process on a patient. Patients will come to us at times with large amounts of extra and loose skin on their necks and want it removed. While this problem is one that needs correcting, loose skin is not the only issue that’s handled by a neck lift. Muscular structure can also be reshaped to provide a more foundational fresh look.

A neck lift procedure is performed by placing small incisions either under the chin, under each ear or in both locations. These small incisions allow a cosmetic surgeon to get into the neck’s underlying tissue and remove the fat cells that have gathered there. The surgeon will also be able to remove the loose and hanging skin and to reshape and tighten the muscular structure that’s come to exist in that region.

While the patient can expect a few weeks of recovery time after the procedure is complete, the results should be nothing short of staggering. When the recovery bandages are removed and the natural swelling has subsided, the patient will notice that his or her neck no longer contains this loose skin and other unsightly problems that prompted the procedure in the first place.

It should be noted, however, that a neck lift is a surgical procedure and one that should not be done without a careful evaluation of the facts, risks and expectations. If you would like to learn more about what a neck lift can provide for you in terms of benefits, it all starts with gathering the information necessary to perform and to complete this careful analysis.

Making an informed decision in regards to this surgery is the best way to get started, the best way to prepare for every aspect of the surgery and the best way to put yourself in the proper frame of mind as you approach the completion of the changes you’ve been yearning to make for some time.

You can obtain all of this information and the help you need making an informed decision simply by contacting a San Diego neck lift specialist at the Sadrian Plastic Surgery Center. Contact the center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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