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If your upper lids have begun to droop and sag, have excess fat or skin, or you have developed bags beneath your eyes, you will look older, tired, unhappy, or even angry. Eyelid surgery on lower, upper or both eyelids can restore a younger, well-rested, rejuvenated facial appearance. At Sadrian Plastic Surgery in La Jolla, our board-certified plastic surgeon performs eyelid surgery with advanced surgical techniques and has a reputation for his ability to produce a very natural, fresh, youthful look.

What is Blepharoplasty?

The medical term for eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty can be performed to correct drooping eyelids or problems with the lower lids. This procedure must be performed with extreme care, as even a millimeter too much skin removed can create an unnatural, wide-eyed, worked-on appearance.

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Upper Eyelid Surgery – How Does it Work?

In upper eyelid surgery, an incision is created in the natural crease of the eyelid. In the procedure, a crescent of skin and muscle is carefully removed, along with excess fat if your eyes have developed a puffy, tired appearance. Upper eyelid surgery resolves the following cosmetic issues:

  • Droopy eyelids
  • Eyelid folds that make it difficult to put on makeup
  • Sagging eyelids make you look old and tired
  • Excess skin affecting vision

How Does Lower Eyelid Surgery Work?

Many people, whether due to aging or genetics, develop heavy bags beneath their eyes. Undereye bags can mar your overall appearance and cannot successfully be hidden with cosmetics. Lower eyelid surgery can be performed to resolve the following:

  • Puffy eyes
  • Bulging skin and fat beneath eyes
  • Loose skin
  • A constant look of fatigue
  • Excess skin around eyes

To resolve unsightly conditions beneath the eyes, an incision is made within the lower eyelid structure, making it possible to avoid visible scars. This surgical approach is superior as the eye shape is not affected. The muscular structure supporting the eye helps create eye shape. If your lower lid has begun to droop and reveal an excess of the white of your eye, this can be corrected surgically. Every eyelid surgery is custom tailored to match the needs of the individual.

Transconjunctival approach

A type of lower eyelid surgery is called “transconjunctival,” performed without external incisions. This surgical technique is far superior, as the incisions are made within the lower lid, with no visible scars created during the procedure.

Why do I have eye bags?

Your eyelids are a complex structure, with layers of tissue, skin, and muscle. Fat pockets that have drifted from within the structure to below the eyes can be corrected with this advanced surgical procedure. A puffy look beneath your eyes is the result of fatty pockets that have pushed forward and are now lodged beneath your eyes.

How can eyelid surgery resolve undereye bags?

This transconjunctival surgical technique requires a very delicate surgical approach, top-level surgical skills, and finesse so that the eye shape is not altered. The eyelid is accessed from within the lower lid, the fatty pockets sculpted and repositioned, and any loose skin tightened if needed. The results can leave you looking refreshed, youthful, and no longer plagued by undereye bags that cannot be hidden with cosmetics.

How Long Does Eyelid Surgery Take?

Depending upon the extent of the correction, the surgery requires about one hour for upper eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery can be performed with local anesthesia rather than general. If your lower lids are being corrected, the surgery may require more time. Dr. Sadrian is extremely meticulous in performing these procedures and will take all the time necessary to resolve your cosmetic issues or restore your vision if your eyelids have affected peripheral vision.

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Find out why Dr. Sadrian has become the most sought-after plastic surgeon for eyelid surgery by looking over our before and after gallery – our surgical results are incredibly natural looking and are performed with ultimate attention to detail – no rushing, no one-size-fits-all – your surgery will be customized specifically for you.

Eyelid Surgery San Diego

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Eyelid Surgery for Vision Issues

Many People experience a reduction in their vision as the upper lids sag lower and lower. If you are struggling with this condition, we can help your vision while helping you look younger and more vital.

Find out why Dr Sadrian has become the most sought-after plastic surgeon for eyelid surgery by looking over our before and after gallery -- our surgical results are incredibly natural looking and are performed with ultimate attention to detail -- no rushing, no one-size-fits-all -- your surgery will be customized specifically for you.”

Eyelid Surgery San Diego

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Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

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In light of how the situation has evolved over the the past several days, we made the decision to suspend all non-essential office visits for the next two weeks, March 23rd – April 3rd. We will continue to see acute post-surgical patients that have had surgery up to 3 weeks ago in the office on a Tuesday or Friday.

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